Islamabad United Coaching staff & Sponsors, 2024

Islamabad United Coaching staff & Sponsors, 2024

Islamabad United is owned by Leonine Global Investments, which is owned by Amna Naqvi and Ali Naqvi through their sports entity, Leonine Global Sports.

The team’s General Manager is Rehanul Haq, with Saeed Ajmal as the bowling coach. Meanwhile, Mike Hesson will coach the team.

Mike Hesson as a coach

Islamabad United Coaching staff & Sponsors, 2024

Mike Hesson, a highly experienced coach, has been appointed as the head coach of ISLU. He has previously coached the New Zealand cricket team for 6 years and also served as the director of the RCB franchise in the IPL. Islamabad United expects that the coaching approach, in line with their ‘Dimagh Se’ attitude, will benefit the franchise struggling to secure victories. According to my understanding, the head coach Mike Hesson is eager to work with the Pakistani team and help them improve their performance. Additionally, he expressed his excitement about coaching the talented and motivated squad during PSL. He also mentioned that preparing the retention list was a challenging task. But he highlighted the importance of including local players who can perform well. Additionally, he talked about the inclusion of Imad and Naseem in the team.

Saeed Ajmal as a Bowling Coach

Saeed Ajmal, a world-class spinner, has been appointed as the bowling coach of Islamabad United. He has been appointed International Bowling Coach for Pakistan‘s spinners. He is the best spinner in Pakistan. Not only that, but he is an excellent spinner in the world.

Islamabad United Sponsors

Foodpanda became the official title sponsor for ISLU by signing an MoU with the two entities. Moreover, in addition to food delivery, you can also use the Foodpanda app for grocery and medicine delivery to your doorstep.

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